• AurAir CO2 monitors are the ideal way to guard the ventilation quality

  • Ideal for large environments. Monitor multiple meters centrally. No monthly fees.

  • Green is good, yellow is mediocre, red is bad.

  • History visible on the meter itself (24 hours) and online (unlimited).

  • Easy to guard against theft where necessary.

The air quality in your home and at your office impacts your health

Indoor air quality, especially CO2 and humidity levels, has a big impact on your health. Because the breath people exhale is one of the bigger causes of rising indoor CO2 levels, the health-risks are most urgent in confined home and office spaces. Think for example about the bedrooms in your home (closed doors, long hours) or the meeting rooms (many people, small space) and open offices (many people, long hours) at your work.

Good ventilation reduces the change of spreading Corona/Covid-19.

Because of the coronavirus good ventilation has become toppriority in education, health, catering industry and gyms. However you control your ventilation, using open windows or complex ventilationsystems, the advice is to measure the airquality in every room yourself using simple to install CO2-meters.

The AurAir helps you keep your indoor environment healthy

Up-to-now, measuring indoor air-quality correctly required complex and costly instruments. This changes as of now! With the new indoor air-quality monitor of AurAir it is now possible to closely monitor both CO2 and humidity levels in every room or space that is important to you. The AurAir meter fits in every power socket and is easy to read and understand for everybody.

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Easy to install

Just plug the AurAir meter into any power socket and it works. You can still use the socket for other electrical devices.

Easy to read

CO2 and humidity levels are easy to read from a distance and are shown in green (good), orange (mid) and red (bad).

Easy on the eye

The straightforward design and small size make the AurAir meter fit into any interior, modern or traditional.

Monitor your indoor air quality from anywhere you want

Because the AurAir meter is fully IoT driven, the CO2 and humidity measurements can not only be monitored directly on the device itself, but also on any other connected device.

Monitor on Display

The AurAir meter itself has an easy to read and understand display that can show up to 24 hours of history.

Monitor on Smartphone

The AurAir meter is fully IoT driven, the CO2 and humidity measurements can be monitored easily on your smartphone.

Monitor on any Device

The WiFi connection enables you to see current measurements, but also your full measurement history on any device.

The AurAir indoor air-quality meter is ready for the future

Use the AurAir to control your automated air quality management systems

The basic AurAir is a fully functional meter to monitor your indoor air-quality. This way you can take the appropriate actions when the air quality is not good. It is also possible to get the advanced AurAir meter that can be integrated into your automatic air regulation systems and will function as the endpoint control unit for a fully automated air quality management system

The AurAir has a very long life-span due to its open design

Because almost all the logic in the AurAir meter is programmable software, the functionality is very easy to adapt when needed. The meter also features an open bed of connectors making it easy to add additional sensors for other purposes when needed. The AurAir meter is designed with a changing future in mind and secures a very long lifespan which is especially important for large organizations looking to invest in large numbers of air-quality meters.

AurAir in the News

The latest news about AurAir

Cleaner air with the AurAir–Philips combination

The combination of the smart CO2 monitors of AurAir and the powerfull aircleaners of Philips offer an optimal and well-integrated solution for measuring, monitoring and managing airquality in existing buildings.The AurAir meters help to deploy the available ventilation options correctly. Colored numbers on the display show when extra ventilation is required and when less is […]

The data we have received from the AurAir has ensured that we have a better picture of the environment in which we work. The result is a completely new Air-conditioning system!

Mark Kortland, 2-XL

Indoor healthy air is certainly not as naturally as you think! And a bit of awareness is the first step in dealing with that in a good way. The AurAir shows very clearly what insufficient ventilation does to the quality of the air in the house, and that by ventilating your house in a more conscious way we can also live indoors in a healthy environment!

Chris Kuin, Vereniging Eigen Huis

We have increasing numbers of people of all ages becoming asthmatic. Some will be caused by allergies but for others, like me the atmosphere is a cause of my asthma. To be be able to monitor the air at home and work may enable better preventive care, than the current method of treating the symptoms after the event.


We had many complaints about headaches and dry eyes in our office. The AurAir enabled to discuss the air-quality based on facts with the building owner and to negotiate improvements.

A Marketing Director at a midsize software company in Amsterdam.

Since I have the AurAir in my living- and bedroom, I am better aware of my air-quality. This enables me to act when this is needed.

An early adopter