AurAir is a Dutch company with a mission:

AurAir improves the way people monitor and manage the air-quality in the indoor places where they spend most of their time, being their homes and offices.

Looking at current solutions in the market today, no single solution really fitted the need to do this. Sometimes solutions were way to expensive, and when affordable they lacked the necessary features.

Another goal was to provide a solution that could both work in homes and in enterprises of all sizes.

  • For consumers the device needs to be easy to use and understand, affordable, and nice to look at.
  • For enterprises the economic life is also important. This is extended dramatically by the open design with the expandable sensor bay and software driven features. This makes upgrading or expanding the functionality of (a large number of) devices easy without having to buy everything new again.

The IoT connectivity through Wi-Fi allows everybody not only to read the measurements everywhere and on any device, but to also integrate with automated (new or existing) air-quality installations.

The AurAir® air-quality monitoring device is the result of 8 years research & development. It has been extensively tested in ‘the home of the future’ in Nijmegen. This fully automated home of Lisa, the founder of AurAir, features over 1000 sensors and currently 4 different robots. The AurAir devices are integrated in the homes Domotica and are steering the ventilation and other air-quality systems.