Technology Partner: AirTeq

AurAir customers can now unlock their measurement data via the AirTeq online monitoring environment

A good combination
The measurement data of the AurAir indoor air monitors can be viewed locally on the easy-to-read display. The measurements are also transmitted to the AurAir Cloud environment every minute. The data can be viewed from there via the AurAir dashboards or otherwise analyzed. However, the proprietary AurAir dashboards are designed, and in many cases sufficient, for relatively small environments. Due to their unique functionality (mains power, own display, open design, WiFi connectivity and more), the AurAir meters are increasingly chosen and used in larger environments with several meters.

AirTeq’s dashboards provide a complete environment for viewing and managing larger numbers of sensors and data online. The partnership between AurAir and AirTeq ensures that AirTeq’s powerful online dashboards connect seamlessly and in real-time to the measurement data measured by the AurAir and then collected in the Cloud.

The AirTeq Smart Monitoring environment is available to all existing and new AurAir customers. The AirTeq Smart Monitoring environment can be delivered separately to existing customers of AurAir and as a combination with the AurAir products to new customers. In both cases, AurAir is your point of contact.

About AirTeq
AirTeq is a Dutch specialist in indoor air improvement and energy management and provides services and products for measuring and monitoring indoor air quality. In this context, AirTeq has developed the AirTeq Online Monitoring environment with which medium-sized and large organizations can organize, view and analyze their air-related measurement data in a simple and flexible way. AirTeq has more than 10 years of experience in the industry as a developer and supplier. AirTeq has been a valued knowledge partner for commercial and non-commercial organizations, municipalities and GGDs for years.