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AurAir has a FREE installation of your Aurair meters

Did you know that the installation of an AurAir is FREE? When you send us your WiFi data, we configure your AurAir meters before sending them to you. You then only have to plug the AurAir into the socket and your measurement data will automatically be made available in the AurAir dashboard!

Philips and AurAir join forces to make air cleaner inside schoolbuilding

AurAir’s smart CO2 meters work seamlessly with the powerful air purifiers from Philips to better monitor and further improve the air quality within schools. This quick to install solution quickly and cost-effectively provides an important extra layer of protection in addition to your existing ventilation options. If clean and healthy air is also important for […]

AurAir helps to keep the air quality healthy in every public space

Until now, correct measurement of indoor air quality required very complex and expensive instruments. This will change from now on! AurAir’s compact air quality meters make it possible to closely monitor the CO2 and humidity level in any room, in a very simple and cost-effective way.

Good ventilation reduces the risk of Corona / Covid19 spreading

Due to the corona virus, good ventilation has suddenly become a top priority in education, healthcare, the catering industry and gyms. However you control your ventilation, with open windows or with complex ventilation systems, the advice is to check the air quality in each room yourself via easy-to-install CO2 meters. (read more)

AurAir helps facility managers and building managers to better manage the indoor climate in buildings

AurAir offers a professional solution that is easy to install, read and understand. AurAir makes it possible to collect objective data about the indoor climate in every important room, at any time of the day. AurAir meters can be read locally and centrally and offer history. The use of the AurAir Cloud environment is free.

CO2 and humidity are often the cause of many other complaints

Research shows that incorrect CO2 and humidity levels are also often the cause of regular health complaints in schools, offices and other busy areas. Commonly mentioned are fatigue, headaches and dry or irritated eyes. (read more)