Corona / Covid19

The Corona pandemic has gripped the entire world. In order to disrupt daily life and the economy as little as possible, there is great pressure from society to reopen and use schools, offices and other public spaces. However, the risk of contamination is extra great in indoor areas. Monitoring good indoor air quality by means of effective ventilation has become a spearhead in this respect. Ventilation is often still done manually (by opening windows), sometimes automatically (by means of ventilation systems) and often by means of a combination. But how do you know for sure whether the ventilation is good enough, how do you know whether each individual room meets the desired limit values ​​for fresh air, how do you know when to open a window extra, or make the systems work harder?

CO2 measurement is now recognized as an excellent indicator of overall air quality. By means of easy-to-install CO2 meters, the air quality can be closely monitored at any time of the day, in any room. Locally, by the teachers or other employees present, centrally by any building managers. In this way, rapid action can be taken where necessary and a safe study and work environment can be guaranteed anywhere and anytime.

More information about air quality in schools, ventilation, CO2 measurement and the relationship with Corona, Covid19, Sars Cov-2 can be found in the following articles:

CO2 sensors are a great help because they indicate that the air in a room has been used up and thus the risk of aerosol contamination increases. ”

Jacob Simmank, Der Zeit, 15 Augustus 2020

“In buildings, CO2 monitors can help to see whether the air is being refreshed properly”

Donald Milton, CNN, 6 Juli 2020.

“A well-ventilated room ideally stays below 800ppm. Schools can easily check this limit in all their classrooms with a CO2 meter. “

Handreiking Coronavirus en Ventilatie, 18 augustus 2020.

“CO2 traffic lights can be used as an indicator of good or bad ventilation”

Commission for Indoor Air Hygiene at the German Environment Agency, 13 augustus 2020

“A CO2 meter is a good indication, if the meter exceeds a certain value, you have to increase the ventilation”

Marcel Loomans, Assistent Professor Eindhoven University of Technology, in Hart van Nederland, 6 juli 2020.

“Install a CO2 monitor with traffic light indication at least in the classrooms in which ventilation depends on opening windows and/or grids.”

Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning associations, Guidance for schools, Augustus 2020.

“The CO2 percentage is a good measure of pollution or insufficient ventilation of the internal air climate and is easy to measure with intelligent sensors.”

ICT&Health, 27 juli 2020,