Deltaplan Ventilation Education

When distributing its products, AurAir likes to work with partners who are specialized in sub-markets such as education. This gives our end customers the opportunity to receive sound advice on quickly to implement solutions in the field of air purification, from experienced advisors who know the language and the challenges of education well. In this way, our end customers receive honest advice and they benefit optimally from our solutions.

For the Dutch education market, we like to work together with De Rekenwinkel and Platform Ventilatie Onderwijs. In addition to solutions for ventilation and air quality, they offer a wide range of learning resources and services, such as scanning rooms and entire buildings. Both partners have been active in the education market for many years with products and advice in the field of teaching aids, ICT and robotics, as well as setting up complete media labs. We therefore like to rely on their expertise to correctly apply our innovative products in primary, secondary and special education.

The AurAir meters are 100% suitable for use in schools. You can buy them here.

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