The AurAir products are very suitable for standalone use in the home and in smaller environments due to the plug-and-play installation and the easy-to-read and easy-to-understand display on the meter itself.

The AurAir products also often form an important part of more advanced solutions, which is made possible by the open technical design and the use of industry standards. AurAir relies on its growing eco-system of technical partners who, based on the AurAir platform or the data collected in the AurAir Cloud environment, offer complete solutions for optimally monitoring and managing the indoor air quality in homes, schools, offices and more.

In addition to our technical partners, we like to rely on our distribution partners, who, due to their market expertise and knowledge of ventilation and air management, have significant added value in the sale of our products.

We currently work with the following specialized distribution partners in the Netherlands and Belgium: