Philips and AurAir join forces to make air in schools healthier

AurAir’s smart CO2 meters work seamlessly with Philips’ powerful air purifiers to better monitor and further improve air quality in schools

Philips, a global leader in health technology, and AurAir, the innovative Dutch designer and manufacturer of smart products for monitoring indoor air quality, have recently offered a joint total solution to improve the air quality in schools (but also all other existing buildings). to improve.

Philips and AurAir complement each other well: AurAir’s smart CO2 meters measure and monitor indoor air; the powerful air purifiers from Philips filter pollution from the air very effectively. A logical next step was to let these two technologies work together seamlessly to offer an automated total solution for improving indoor air quality. The combination does not need to be built in and is therefore very suitable as an extra measure for improving, and thus making healthier, the air in existing buildings.

Air purifiers are part of a complete approach for optimal air quality

More than ever, schools are committed to the health of students and staff. Measures have been taken at every school to reduce the risk of Covid-19 contamination as much as possible. In addition to the well-known measures such as mouth caps, walking directions, washing hands and keeping distance, serious attention is also paid to keeping the indoor air in the classrooms as clean and healthy as possible. The optimal approach consists of three layers:

  1. The first layer is formed by the built-in mechanical ventilation systems.
  2. The second layer is formed by natural ventilation, whereby the teacher can open windows and doors correctly, based on the measured values on the CO2 meters of AurAir.
  3. The third layer is formed by the Philips air purifiers, which purify the polluted indoor air, but also the outside air that comes in through the open windows, from allergens (pollen), (fine) dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses. This layer is quick to install and very cost effective.

This three-layer structure makes it possible to noticeably improve the air quality in existing school buildings in a pragmatic way, making optimal use of the existing mechanical and natural ventilation possibilities, supplemented with a quickly to install and very cost-effective extra layer of protection for the students and teaching staff.

Why use CO2 to control air purification

Research has shown that the quality of the indoor environment in schools is often substandard. This is not only bad for the health, but also for the learning performance of the students. CO2 is a good indicator of air quality and the effectiveness of ventilation. AurAir’s smart meters monitor the CO2 values in the classroom. Based on these measured values, the Philips air purifier is controlled step-by-step via WiFi. Thanks to the built-in HEPA filter, it purifies 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 μm, such as allergens, dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses.

Tested in Dutch schools

The combination of Philips and AurAir is currently being tested in practice at various schools. The combination has been active for months in two primary schools and two secondary schools. Since the primary schools are completely open, the most extensive tests have been carried out here.

The first practical experiences of the teachers are very positive. AurAir’s CO2 meters give teachers good indications to take action with regard to ventilation. In addition, the teachers notice that the air purifiers respond quickly to activities of the children in the classroom. The fact that the air purifiers are equipped with HEPA filters (also used in aircraft) gives confidence that the smallest particles are filtered out of the air. Furthermore, in practice the sound was not experienced as disturbing and the teachers also think the air purifiers have a nice design.

The field tests we performed showed a clear reduction in the number of particulate matter and allergens in classrooms where the combination was active (compared to the combination inactive).

Direct order

A modified version of the AurAir firmware is required to control the Philips air purifiers. This special version offers the same functionality as the normal AurAir firmware but is also out-of-the-box compatible with the recommended Philips air purifiers. You can order the AurAir Base Philips Edition directly here.

We recommend the types 2000i and 1000i air purifiers from the Philips range for classrooms and all other large spaces. For very large classrooms or for higher requirements, the most powerful types 4000i and 3000i are available. All these types are ‘connected’ and have been extensively tested by us in combination with our AurAir meters. These 4 types are therefore suitable without modification to be controlled directly on the basis of CO2 values via the AurAir Base Philips Edition. You can order the Philips air purifiers directly here.

Let one of our service partners advise you without obligation

Improving air quality in education benefits from good and honest advice. For the AurAir/Philips combination, we work together with two service partners who are not only specialized in AurAir products, but who are also proficient in everything related to the AurAir/Philips combination.

These service partners can help you with non-binding advice and draw up an initial cost estimate for your specific situation. Then they can help you with the purchase in the most favorable way for you, help with the installation of the combined solution (setting up the WiFi connections, the mutual link, and the instruction of the teachers). This way not only everything is put away perfectly working, but the user acceptance (your teachers) is also optimal. If desired, they can also continue to unburden you with support and service after this first installation.

Take action now and explore how you too can improve the air in your classrooms quickly and cost-effectively!

For an initial advice on what the combination of AurAir/Philips could mean for your situation, please contact one of our specialized service partners in the Netherlands NOW:

Buro Schone Lucht (BSL), specialist in the field of air cleaning in indoor spaces

Your AurAir/Philips specialist at BSL is Latif Karoumi. For contact use the form below their page.

De Rekenwinkel together with Deltaplan Ventilation Education, specialist in educational supplies

Your AurAir/Philips specialist at De Rekenwinkel is Klaas Kuperus. Mail:

Of met onze gespecialiseerde service partner in België:

Tempro/Dataloggershop, specialist in the field of indoor air quality monitoring

Your AurAir/Philips specialist at Tempro is Chris Verdoodt. Mail: