In Practice

AurAir’s innovative air quality monitors are used in many places to improve the health and well-being of everyone in an indoor space. The AurAir CO2 meters are used in homes, schools, daycare centers, churches, village houses, municipalities, offices, universities and more.

Especially in this time of Covid-19, there is a great demand for professional, quick to implement, tools to monitor and manage the indoor air locally and centrally (read more)

Clear (but not always consistent) guidelines have now been issued from several sources in the field of CO2 values, ventilation and indoor air quality (read more)

Primary education is reopening, but there are serious concerns about the health of the children and their teachers. Keeping your distance is not an option in full classes at most primary schools. Monitoring the air quality objectively with the aid of legible C02 meters is therefore the only choice. The CO2 meters must then at least meet the requirements as formulated in the Building Decree (read more).

Extra ventilation through windows and doors is absolutely preferable to keep the indoor air healthy, but how do you ensure that the children in the classes do not get sick from the cold? With smart infrared heating you increase the comfort of everyone present, but not the air that you blow out through the windows and doors (read more).

Where effective ventilation is not sufficiently possible, air purifiers can provide an excellent supplement. The combination of smart air quality meters and powerful mobile air purifiers gives all basic schools a fast and optimal solution for monitoring and improving the air quality in the classroom (read more).