Press Release: AurAir appoints Mariken Konert as CFO

Tuesday 24 augustus 2021

Nijmegen, 24 augustus 2021 – AurAir, the market leader in indoor air quality monitoring in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce a new key appointment within the management team of Netherlands-based AurAir.

mr. ir. M.J. Konert is appointed as the new CFO at AurAir and will focus on process optimization within the organization. With the appointment of Ms. Konert, AurAir is taking a step closer to realizing its ambition to grow internationally.

Ms. Konert has over 20 years of experience in the IP and legal sector. She has experience in business, academia and government, most recently with market regulator ACM. She held several executive positions at ACM, including technical advisor for regulated sectors and her current role as senior member of Legal Affairs. She was also Workers Council chairman of the ACM workers council.

Lisa Esselink, CEO bij AurAir: “Mevrouw Konert heeft zeldzame kennis van IT én Juridische processen waarvan er maar hooguit een handvol personen zijn in Nederland, het is voor ons een buitenkans om haar te mogen verwelkomen in AurAir. Zij gaat een belangrijke bijdrage leveren aan het verder professionaliseren van ons bedrijf. We zijn dan ook verheugd met haar komst en waardevolle toevoeging.”

The appointment will take effect on October 1, 2021.

About AurAir
AurAir is a Dutch industry leader in indoor air quality monitoring, founded in 2018, AurAir has quickly developed and built a Base product. By taking advantage of highly advanced technologies that have only been available for a few years, a product has been created that is open, flexible and IoT based and cannot be found in a comparable product.