AurAir Base 2 Philips Edition

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The AurAir Base Philips Edition has unique features that you will not find anywhere else

There is no air quality meter that costs less than €200 with these properties.  Besides:

  • Philips air purifier control, the possibility to control a Philips air purifier. Buy here your Philips air purifier 3000i or 4000i model

This special version offers exactly the same benefits as the normal AurAir Base 2:

No air quality meter costs less than €200 (some properties are even unique):

  • CO2 sensor has a measuring range of 400-5,000 ppm. To maintain accuracy, the sensor looks at the lowest measured CO2 value in 2 days, this is the new outside air CO2 value.
  • Temperature/humidity/air pressure sensor.
  • Plug & Play: no complicated installation procedure, just take it out of the box and plug it directly into the wall socket. Installation within 30 seconds.
  • Graphical color screen: not only can you follow the CO2 values ​​on the screen, where increasing CO2 values ​​have different colors.
  • WiFi connection: the AurAir has a WiFi access point as standard that your smartphone can connect to. You can also configure the AurAir to connect to your own WiFi network so that you can monitor multiple meters via the free AurAir cloud environment. You can also have the AurAir values ​​sent to local servers. Technically skilled? Try the AurAir REST API!
  • Free Cloud environment: with a WiFi connection, a cloud connection is also automatically made. You can then view your historical measured values ​​for free on the AurAir cloud environment!
  • OTA (OverTheAir) updates: this allows you to install new software versions in the AurAir using a WiFi connection by simply holding down an AurAir button for one second. Found a bug? No problem! You will receive free updates for at least one year after the end of the model series.
  • Replaceable sensors: sensor broken or outdated? In the patent pending AurAir Sensor Bay on the back you can easily replace your sensors yourself.
  • Open Design: Create your own software and place it in the AurAir to do things AurAir didn’t foresee.
  • Kensington lock: prevent your AurAir from being taken and put it on the lock.

You can buy the AurAir Base 2 Philips Edition here.

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This special version of the AurAir Base 2 offers all the benefits of the normal AurAir Base 2, but is suitable for working seamlessly with the powerful air purifiers from Philips

The combination of the smart CO2 monitors from AurAir and the powerful air purifiers from Philips offers schools an optimal and well-integrated solution for measuring, monitoring and managing air quality. The AurAir meters help the present teacher to correctly use the available ventilation options. The color numbers on the display indicate when more ventilation is needed and when less is possible. The powerful (300 m2 per hour) air purifiers from Philips purify the air of viruses, pollen, gases & allergens by means of safe HEPA filters (just like in aviation) and carbon filters. The AurAir Base 2 Philips Edition gradually controls the air purifiers from Philips. For example, the air is cleaned more thoroughly when the air quality decreases and the CO2 levels increase (up to 800ppm => low cleaning, 800-1200ppm => fully automatic cleaning, above 1200ppm => turbo cleaning).

The combination of AurAir and Philips demonstrably contributes to cleaner air and safer learning environments. This solution should be part of the main measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 in schools, such as: washing hands, keeping distance, wearing face masks and clean air through ventilation and air purification. The combination of the AurAir air quality meters and the Philips air purifiers offers an extra safety measure in all cases where the available ventilation options fall short or can simply be improved.

Buy here your Philips air purifier 3000i or 4000i model.

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Air Pressure, CO2 (400-5.000 PPM), Humidity, Temperature

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Philips Edition