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Robin Telecom develops Apple HomeKit enabled Air Quality Sensor based on AurAir open platform

A perfect combination

Robin will develop and manufacture an Apple HomeKit-enabled Air Quality Monitor using the AurAir Open Platform. With HomeKit you can easily connect and securely control compatible accessories using the Home app. The Robin Air Quality Monitor tracks carbon-dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity levels in your home and can automatically trigger other HomeKit compatible accessories like an Air Purifier, Humidifier or Window Opener. The new product is expected to launch in Q3-2021.

About Robin
Robin Telecom Development is a manufacturer of professional video door phone communication systems established in Alkmaar/The Netherlands since 1985. Our current portfolio includes video door phones that work with Apple HomeKit, Microsoft Teams and all mainstream (hosted) VoIP telephony platforms and provides two way audio and live video. We intend to extend our portfolio with smart (IoT) air monitoring.