In order to provide you with the best possible service, it is best to contact AurAir Support by email, we will then contact you again. Unfortunately, due to the limited resources that AurAir has, you cannot call or chat with us directly. You will usually receive an answer from us within a few hours or if it is busy the next day.

Before you approach the helpdesk, can you update the firmware of your AurAir to the latest version? The manual for this can be found here on page 3.

If this does not solve your problem, please provide the following information when contacting our helpdesk:

  • AurAir Cloud ID/Users (don’t know your cloud id/username? See the manual on page 5 for how to find it).
  • If you have an AurAir Cloud Dashboard problem:
    • Your login name if different from your AurAir Cloud ID
    • Which browser you use on which platform (PC, IoS, Android, etc)
  • Description of your problem:
    • What action do you perform?
    • When does the problem occur?
  • At which reseller did you buy the AurAir?

AurAir Support email address is:

Thank you for your understanding.

AurAir Support