Optimal ventilation while maintaining comfort: Infrared heating from Welnu

Welnu produces and sells a new generation of infrared panels for homes, schools and offices.

The very best way to keep the indoor air healthy is to ventilate well with fresh outside air. In existing buildings, where often no well-functioning advanced ventilation systems are present, this is done simply by opening windows and doors. The problem is that in the many Dutch months where the outside temperature is (sometimes far) below 20 degrees, the temperature drop that this natural ventilation entails can often be insufficiently absorbed by the existing heating system.

Regular heating in most schools is aimed at heating the air in the room. Natural ventilation removes this heated air and replaces it with cold outside air. It is this inefficient air movement in particular that drives up energy costs and contributes to the fact that children, despite high

Infrared panels provide a different kind of heat which is most comparable to the pleasant warmth of the sun’s rays. This form of heating heats the surfaces that are illuminated in the same way as furniture that is exposed to the sun on a summer day. Furthermore, the radiated heat immediately feels pleasant when it falls directly on the skin or clothing, which increases the feeling of comfort. With smart infrared heating in the classroom you effectively increase the comfort of all those present, but you do not mainly heat the air that you blow out through the windows and doors.

AurAir’s CO2 meters are used by many schools in the Netherlands to monitor air quality. AurAir’s CO2 meters help teachers to regulate natural ventilation based on objective measurements instead of ‘by feel’. This prevents too little, but also too much ventilation, resulting in unnecessary energy costs. However, the feedback from pupils, pupils and teachers in primary and secondary education is very often that it is much too cold in the classrooms.

The unique combination of smart AurAir CO2 meters and innovative Welnu heating panels offers a quick and complete solution to the difficult dilemma between the health and comfort of school children and their teachers. You can order the AurAir CO2 meters here, and from our distribution partners. For Welnu panels you can contact us directly via kantoor@welnu.org.

About Welnu

Since 2012, Welnu has been working on the development of a new generation of infrared panels in collaboration with an English engineering firm. These panels are much more efficient than classic infrared panels and can be used better as main heating in both existing buildings and new buildings. For more information, visit www.welnu.org.